Why I fell in love with oozoo timepieces?

oozoo – yes, at last I get to review this watch brand that I’m seriously loving at the moment.

I would say that Instagram is the place that keeps me up-to-date with all the new trends and stuff, so when I was scrolling rapidly through my feed the other week – I found an amazing picture of a blogger wearing an oozoo timepiece.

Now before seeing this picture I had never heard of oozoo, so I was quick to check out their website. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed with what I could see, each watch as beautiful as the other. With so many different styles and colours, it was incredibly hard to just choose one watch. This particular one (OOZOO C7170) definitely caught my eye though, I’d wanted a white strap watch for a while now but I must say I hadn’t found the perfect one till now. I selected the watch in a warm white colour as all I could imagine is how incredible it would look with a tan and how it would be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

The soft vintage hue of this oozoo watch won me over. The textured warm white leather strap, paired with the large white face which is plated with a rose gold dial, creates a classic and chic feel. Below the dial, the word ‘oozoo’ has been embossed in a rose gold font, making it all that little bit more special.

This watch is simplistic but very stylish at the same time. Understated but bold. Built to high quality; but remaining affordable. But what I love most about my newest accessory is how it can be worn on a daily basis, to college, work, shopping, basically anywhere. Which is why it is my new ultimate go to accessory.

You can check out more from OOZOO’S incredible collections HERE