18th In Amsterdam

Some of you may know that I turned 18 at the end of November and one of my gifts from my mum and sister was a trip to Amsterdam last weekend.

Day 1

We arrived in Amsterdam very early and so we had to spend the day trailing around the city until we could check into the apartment, which was a cute little canal house on Herengracht.

So first things first, we got into the city centre and of course had to get something to eat. We had heard of their famous chips in cones with sauces and thought we had definitely had to give them a try (I basically lived on them during the few days!)

After food we some how ended up in the sex museum, which was quite random but it was very funny.

Food again – For dinner we found the cutest little cafe restaurant called ‘Cote Ouest’, the place was warm and cosy and the food was very good.

Day 2

Day 2 was our day of being typical tourists, we visited the museum district. In the museum district there are two main museums ‘The Rijksmuseum’ and ‘Van Gough’, we only got to visit one of them because we were short on time and so therefore we choose to go to Van Gough museum.

Vincent Van Gough Museum

Vincent Van Gough is one of the most well known painters of all time and by visiting this museum we got to understand more about his life, who influenced him and see some of his well known paintings.

The museum is big, airy and has several floors full of Van Gough’s Paintings. The exhibition itself does take a few hours, so ensure that you have enough time to see everything.

Before visiting Amsterdam, I actually watched several vlogs and a lot of bloggers recommended visiting Coffee & Coconuts. Coffee & Coconuts is a coffeeshop, which is located in a former cinema. I actually really loved this place, it was very cosy and everyone seemed so relaxed. However it is quite a trek away from the main city centre but I would highly recommend because it is a hidden treasure.

Amsterdam Light Festival

On our way back from the coffee shop we got on a canal boat so that we could see the beautiful sights of Amsterdam at night, as well as seeing the light festival. This year Amsterdam’s light festival is a 55 day festival dedicated to the theme of friendship.

What is it?

The city is converted into the city of lights with help from contemporary artists, and you can see a range of different installations which each have a meaning. There are two main routes, the boat route and the walking route.

On the boat route we got to see the city from the perspective of the waterways. There was different installations including the Northern lights, Open Lounge, Run Beyond and Freedom as a Valuable Friend.

Day 3

Although it was our last day we made sure to make the most of it. So we spent most of the morning visiting Anne Frank’s House, although there was about an hour and a half wait it was worth it. We got to step back in time and learn Anne Frank’s story. Walking around the secret annex made me realise how real it was and it was quite emotional to see.

Even though there was a long queue, I would highly reccomend to visit it if you ever go to Amsterdam, it is a crucial part of history and it would be wrong not to see it whilst being over there.

Of course, whist being in Amsterdam – a fashion capital we had to hit the shops. De Bijenkorf was recommended to us, which is a luxury department store which kind of reminded me of Harrods. I have to admit I loved the food hall, there is a whole floor dedicated to it and there was so many different types of food to choose from.