Let’s start by saying the key to most looks and images are pulling in all the right pieces together and thats no lie when it comes to accessories. You will find that most modern men have realised this which just shows when your shopping on the likes of asos, we have all seen it ‘people who purchased this item also bought…’ and this is where the sites techies make’s some algorithm which ‘predicts’ (I use this term loosely) which accessory would match the polo you have just purchased.

Now lets get one thing straight when it comes to male accessories the most important item you need to pick is your timepiece and this comes down to what you are wearing, where you are going, the size of your wrist and much more. So when I was looking for a new watch I decided I needed to look hard and properly for an item which would suit me the best. After looking around at some websites and social media (you’ve seen all those Instagram posts of watches) I found this amazing little secret called oozoo.

They are a little specialist watch brand that are crafted out of the finest materials you can find.  So when I got my hands on two of their vintage collection’s pieces, I certainly wasn’t disappointed with their quality. I choose a classic rose gold number and a sleek stealth number to suit my lifestyle.  I love the sleek sophistications of both the watches which compliment any outfit and finish every look.

The rose gold watch is thin, light and easy to wear. I find that it doesn’t get in the way and its a watch that you don’t ‘know’ you are wearing i.e. it doesn’t get too heavy on the wrist. The face is slim which means that it is easy to wear under a shirt.

The watch itself is a minimalist design, which I must say I love. It has a very modern yet masculine look that is the key to drawing in attention.

To be entirely honest I have actually struggled finding a flaw with this watch so far, but we will see how it survives the years to come. I would highly recommend at taking a look at oozoo’s website as there is so many different styles of watches that satisfies everyone’s taste.

Rose Gold – OOZOO Vintage Collection

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