So recently I’ve been burning the light at both ends and it’s taking toll on me and my skin.  So when I managed to get my hands on some  +Rehab London Skin Detox Scrub, well lets just start with saying I’ve tried a lot of creams and lotions and I can safely say I haven’t really found anything that I would completely trust until now.

After receiving this lovely item in the post the first thing I wanted to do was crack the lid open and smell it, and of course it didn’t disappoint! So naturally I decided I needed to wash my face and apply some of the scrub to my face, so I did what any person would do and read the instructions. Now I’m no expert but when I get my beard trimmed at my barbers he always sticks on the steamer to blow steam jets at my face to open the pores. So I thought this would be a great approach to take, I jumped into the shower and let the heat from the water open my pores up. Just before I got out I applied what must of been too much of the scrub and massaged it into my face, being very tough with all the exfoliating bits to make sure that they broke the surface of my skin and worked its magic and oh it did! It made me instantly feel like it was working but obviously it needed time to see what sort of results I would get from it.

So after a few day’s people started to notice that my skin was getting clearer and that it started to feel a lot better which has made me very happy with the results. I can personally notice the difference and my skin really does feel so much better.

Update after using Rehab London’s Detox Scrub for a week…

After using the fantastic face scrub for a few days now, I can honestly say it’s the best face exfoliator I’ve used! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to invigorate and rejuvenate their skin.

Top marks from me!

Jacob x

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