I’ve never really trusted any teeth whitening products until now. I have used a few different methods for teeth whitening, from toothpastes to branded whitening strips.

A few weeks ago I was very fortunate to be able to try out Doll White’s 14 day teeth whitening strips experience.

Doll White want to provide strips, which are easy to use and with their non-peroxide formula they want to help you get that whiter and brighter smile.

Of course when my strips arrived I could not wait to use them. The strips arrived in a simple white box and inside this box were 14 black sachets that contained two strips one for the upper teeth and one for the lower set. The strips were very easy to use and clear instructions were printed on the back of the box.

Instructions for applying the strips:

Brush teeth and make sure that they are reasonably dry before applying the top and the bottom strips.

Place the strips below the gums and along your teeth. Fold the remaining parts of the strip to the back of your teeth.

Leave the strips on teeth for 30 minutes, whilst having no food or drink during this time.

After 30 minutes remove the strips and rinse any of the remaining gel from teeth.

I followed these instructions and after about the 5th time of using the strips, I started to see a difference. Not only did I see a difference but so did others, which was also reassuring that the product was working.

I would suggest that that when using the Doll White strips to take progress pictures, this way you will truly see all the improvements and changes.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the results I received after finishing the 14 day trial. My teeth were definitely whiter and I would highly recommend these strips to anyone who is looking for a whitening product. I plan on purchasing more strips for a longer trial.

Check out Doll White HERE